Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fei Fei Sou Sou Fei Fei @@

Actually life is really fat fat and thin thin...
When you grow fat means that you are living under good conditions, when you grow thin means you got nothing to eat.
I grow fat and thin and fat and thin... Until now also dunno is fat or thin... (I know that now I'm King Kong)

Just now I went to cut my hair, the aunty said I fat bit bit liao...
Then I told mama about what the aunty told me, mama said her friend that she met last few days said I thin liao wor... @@
I really like sweat lo!!!
Mama's friend said I was so fatter when I was in form6!!!
Where got o??????
I am the fattest one la now!!!

Really fat fat sou sou fat fat again lo...
now fat fat also right??

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