Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More Into Stranger?

Went out with one of my friend yesterday.

We knew each other since we were in Kindergarden...
Then we didn't get to meet because I was no longer staying in the nursery.

After few years, we met again.
That time I was 16 years old...
We got close again, we studied together although we were taking different subjects.
We spend most our time together...

But I don't know since when our relationship become so strange...
I feel so strange and weird.

Like I said, we went out for lunch yesterday.
I brought my sister along since she got nothing to eat at home.
The environment was so awkward.
Even my sister can feel that too!

What happen???
I really got no idea what happen.
Is like we got nothing to say, is no longer so natural to talk around gossip around...


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