Saturday, December 11, 2010

Help Yourselves Until It's Too Late

Realize that lots of friends and even relative are very choosy in their food. They are not just choosy not to eat this and that because it is not delicious but they are also choosy in not eating vegetables!

I have lots of friends around me that having bad habits that is choosing all the food that they dislike out from the food they going to take aside. They just can't ignore it and put them into their mouth.
Sometimes when I see the food that they going to throw away like onions or veges, then I will take it and feed myself, because that are healthy food and when there are no much vegetables I can take in Labuan.

This morning I saw one of my cousin choosing all the vegetable aside when we were having our breakfast together, I feel annoying when I saw her action, but I didn't voice out or do any reaction to avoid being hatred.
Then mama did mention about one of her friend being checked that she got high blood pressure.
It is dangerous to have high blood pressure you know?  You might having heart disease, stroke!
Now that aunty is searching ways to eat healthy.
Do you know that eating healthy is not to cure any disease? But is to prevent disease to happen!
So please love your family and yourselves by eating all vegetables!!!
Don't be choosy please!!!

Every vegetables does have its own minerals and vitamins so don't abandon those vegetables that you don't eat because you will make them feel sad...

p/s: I don't eat brinjal (a.k.a. egg plant) but I make them delicious my way so that I eat them. =)

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