Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Since Hui Yuan asked me to bring her to TC last Friday, so I keep its promise and brought her to TC today.  (For your information, TC is a place's name.  Is actually a famous beach in Kuantan)

Went out at 8am then we went to the seaside and walk around.

This is the present that I got during my 2008's birthday present. =)

The weather was so nice this morning, wasn't too hot and too sunny, love the weather so much and it is a very good weather to walk around~

Went out with her, took lots of her pictures but I know that she will shy shy de, so just post this one la... 

After that we went Hoi Yin to have our breakfast, really miss the curry there. =)

Yesterday night I was too boring then I brought out my camera and went to capture things around me.
First was this: 

That is Agriolimax Agrestis (Linnaeus) which we also call that as 鼻涕虫 in Mandarin. Is very disgusting worms... Ugly as well! 
Then I took picture of my dog ---> Dong Dong

Don't ask me why his eyes are green in color, I also don't know...

He really looked ugly and scary here with his green eyes... It looks like he is wearing contact lens lo... @@

He is really fierce sometimes,

But he is cute when play with the toy that I gave him~

Dong Dong really fierce when he bite something or you force him to do something that he dislike, but he is nice with us, everyone of us~

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