Sunday, December 19, 2010

Is all around ME

Went to grandma's house last few days, that's why I can't really update my blog cause there are no software that I need to resize my pictures from camera and there are lots of mosquitoes attacked me while I was sitting at the computer table... It was really like dissaster when attacking by mosquitoes while I can't really kill it due to I'm too slow motion than mosquitoes who flying around....

Is my birthday month and is my cousin's birthday month too! (both of us have the same birthday date! but we seldom celebrate together since he stays in Singapore and I'm in Malaysia)
We got cake to eat. Although it is not a birthday cake but it is a very delicious cake. Is just a normal cake but it really does look like birthday cake.
Is delicious and it looks nice too!!!

It does look delicious right?
I didn't bluff you de lo... >.<

And then there are something I would like to show you, that is
deng... deng... deng...

Do you see this kind of washing machine before? I bet no.
Because this washing machine is very old fashion, even the shop seller also said that nowadays this kind of washing machine doesn't exist anymore!
Huh, but my grams still used it until I'm 21.
Long enough~ (seriously I don't know how to use this kind of washing machine, that's why this always be my excuse to avoid from helping my mom to put the clothes into the washing machine.)

Stayed around a week in gram's house then drive back home by bringing another cousin back to Kuantan.  He finished his A level, waiting for the result and since he is so free so he decided to stay in Malaysia and play! (he is from Singapore too!)

The next day, another family came to our house.
Went to a nice restaurant but they said the food is not that good although the environment is nice!

Well, this is not trying to help them to promote but if you want you can make booking because there are super crowded if you didn't go early or you went during weekend!!!

p/s: I'm now in Singapore.

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