Friday, December 10, 2010

Stop Asking Those Question LA!!!

Every time when I get back home from Labuan, some of the people will ask me
"Cai Yi, you got boy friend already ma?"
and my answer is always
"No lar!!!"

Really got no idea why have to ask me that question, if I have one already I will sure let you all know de ma...
Plus if I don't want to tell you all, you all will find out one day also de la... Takkan this will hide forever...

Just stop asking whether I got boy friend or not liao...
Because it is not my control to have a boy friend.
I'm not like your daughter either because I feel uncomfortable to have one even though sometimes feel want to have one when I'm facing personal problem...

Stop asking!!!

p/s: but I love to ask people, "ei, you got boy friend / girl friend liao ma" =p

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