Monday, December 27, 2010


I suppose to be update more and more since is holiday now, but I'm seldom with my laptop so is very inconvenient to update my blog.
This holiday is kinda boring because I didn't get to be crazy but become a good girl staying at home and accompany my family.
I went to Singapore and I made myself enjoy there by having lots of window shopping and real shopping!
I hardly get bus ticket to Singapore seriously but I manage to get VIP seats for all of us (sister and 2 cousin sisters).

Yup, the company of the transportation is Nice, I think the company is actually the same with plus liner cause I bought the tickets from plus liner's counter.
I never thought that it will be VIP seats cause I require for 3 seats in a column so that it will be comfortable for all of us but who knows when we get into the bus we were served by food and drink! We were give blanket too!!!
Feel like sitting MAS flight lo... @@

We reached Johor first and stay a night then go to Singapore the next day.  Nothing much in Singapore actually but there are really rich of shopping malls!!! Well, I didn't go to Universal although there are tickets for me, because I don't feel like going, feeling shopping nia that time.. (I'm not regret also)
The Christmas environment were there already although it wasn't Christmas yet...

Lots of people walking around... Orchard Road is always the best place for us to feel the Christmas environment, but things there are damn expensive and there are always very crowded!!!

Shopping Shopping!!!
Girls really can't live without shopping~ =p
But I didn't get to shop things there cause there were too expensive for me... Just walked around and window shopping.

We got to have buffet at Singapore too! This is the first time I had buffet in Singapore and this I got to thanks to my uncle who loves to eat! (mummy was right, staying with uncle will definitely help me in gaining weight because he is really good in eating!)

I forgot the shop name... but it is a Japanese restaurant.

You can have steambot and also something like BBQ, I know it does look unhealthy when you see hangus hangus thing when you BBQ, but you can ask the waiters there to change a new aluminium foil for you. =)
Food were not bad but I got sick and didn't really satisfy my appetite... 
(Really make my face rounder after come back from Singapore... =( aiks.... )

Besides buffet, I got the chance to have my lunch in New York New York!

That's rare chance... I'm not sure KL got or not, but foods in new York new York are expensive! But I love the environment and the taste of the foods!
Well, I got myself this

Grill Atlantic Dory.
I got no idea what fish is that... but it really taste great! I can feel that is expensive because the amount of the fish given were so little compare to other dishes... I love it!

The last day before we back to Malaysia, we got the chance to go a place... I forgot where was it... but I took the picture of giant Stitch!!! 

A huge one!!!

I bought myself all the New Year clothes... Super satisfy with the shopping but sad because didn't get the chance to stay longer....
I didn't get back to Kuantan once I finish my holiday in Singapore because I need to go Gram's house to help her out to celebrate Tang Yuan!!!

After the celebration, sister and I back to Kuantan while that time was my brother's turn to go Singapore...
We took turn... @@

p/s: I ate a lot in this holiday...

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