Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Who Are YOU!!!

Lots of things happen this few days. I went to Singapore and I got lots of pictures to update! 
I went to Singapore on 17th and supposed back to Malaysia on 21st night, but because of someone then I had to sacrifice my holiday and back early to Malaysia.
I got lots of plan before depart to Singapore.  Wanted to go on 16th together with my aunts who going back to Singapore but relatives are coming to Kuantan so I can't just leave them and go Singapore! So I delayed. Delayed to 17th. The relatives that went to my house wanted to go Singapore too, so no choice we went together.
I was so rush! I bought ticket on 17th that day, brought my bro along to the bus station and asking tickets around.  I even scolded by my bro who are not understanding at all! I told him that if can't get any ticket for that day itself, then I think I will go SG on 18th and back on 22nd, but I can't because one of my cousin has to come back early to take her PMR result! Then I told my bro that if not because of trying to manage my time to them, I would have bought ticket for 18th! 
Guess what my bro scolded me? He told me that why don't I think of people were managing their time to mine! (because I don't want to go SG after 22nd cause it would be too rush for me since I'm going back to Labuan on 1st) I got silent... I didn't want to fight in public. He doesn't know any plan of it and he scolded me. (well, he got understand at the end I guess, cause I told him that I wanted to go Sg on 16th at first!)
And then because of that girl again, we have to come back to Malaysia on 20th night instead on 21st night.  

During the trip, I see through lots of things.
Just realize that she is so not easy... Every steps that she makes, there will be definitely something behind. Can't read her mind. She always bullied her sister to do this and that, and make her own advantage. People think that she is so good but nobody can see that she is actually bullying her sister!
The worst thing is her mother doesn't see all this, maybe is because her mother put all her attention on her work and her son.
This feller does know how to turn her face in one second time to get treat by others. She is very clever on acting too. Well, I can see that she will have great future if she didn't make any wrong choice... or else she will drop into a very deep hole...

Wondering why I don't want to guide her and give her advise? Because I was trap by her once. Now I know, I think I better be silent and help her sister who being bullied...

p/s: if you see this, you better change!

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