Monday, December 6, 2010

My Day =)

Is my day already. I am now adult, no more small kid, but I know I'm always my papa's and mama's small kid forever!
Well, I celebrated my day very silently and quitely.

I got no surprise for my birthday like others do
I got no many friends to celebrate with like others do
I got no many presents like others do
I got no big card like others do
I got no birthday party like others do
I got no many friends surrounded around me and sing birthday song to me
I have to buy birthday cake myself
I didn't get to have meal with papa

My birthday wasn't full of surprise...

I got around 200 wishes sent to me
I got Baskin Robin ice-cream birthday cake
I got 'Key' from both papa and mama

I got to eat Korean Food as my dinner
I got to eat lok lok with mama
I got to hang out with mama
I got birthday song from mama and brother

I got Korean Food as my dinner~
I went dinner with Mama and Brother, the food was nice and I will to go again for sure!

And then I got Ice-cream cake as my birthday cake! It was expensive but yummy!!! That is the tastiest cake I ever had!!!
The box there somemore got instruction on how to cut cake de lo!!!

I didn't have time to book cake for myself, so mummy dropped me outside the shop and I went in to buy myself, that's why it is very ordinary cake actually! It is funny to buy myself a cake right? No choice, nobody willing to buy one and give a surprise to me like everybody experienced!
But luckily there were still got cake at the shop there~

Mummy helped me to put on the candle, she is shy to see her picture in my blog, so I have to blur up her face... Maybe she wants to be secretly gua~

I really love to eat the cake but the strawberries are too sour already!!!
I was so touching even though only got 2 of them sang song to me, I cried cause nobody wanted and willing to celebrate to me but my family do!!!  (Family are always by the side whenever you got zero friends) *hearts*

During the day time, I went out for shopping with mama, she bought me this as well!

Love her so much!!!

I didn't get to eat dinner with papa with the reason he got work to do... aih, but is okay cause he brought me to breakfast just now already~
Nevermind la, forgive him, because he gave me present too!!!
Papa gave me at night when I was about to sleep.  He wanted to bring me to supper but I was too tired so I rejected, he just hand in this to me and back...
(I'm happy that he remembers my birthday)

That's why I said I got 2 'Keys' from papa and mama~
(is this the advantage of having divorced papa and mama?? hmm.... =.=|||)

Before the night ends, I read a book!

Is a nice book!
Really a nice one~

I guess that's enough for me, because I got so much love from them~
really LOVE them so much~

p/s: even daddy also asked why friend didn't celebrate birthday with me... what should I answer? Because they got boyfriend liao and ignore me?
p/s: this really make me disappointed when you ask me to give surprise birthday to others while I get nothing when it is my day. =(
p/s: I'm happy although I didn't get to celebrate with papa, mama, brother, and sister all together...


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  2. Bday is not for you to be upset about tho' I found it delirious when every time it's my bday, I felt quite like keeping to myself, expecting too much when too much is not going to happen.

    Btw, I wonder what kind of 'things' do the 'key' as you mention, leads you to.