Monday, April 9, 2012

23rd Birthday (NOT ME)

Someone's birthday today, wished her birthday already and sang her birthday song dy! LoL!!!
Didn't do any surprise birthday today, but just a celebration for her where she can dress up nicely and go out to have something nice to eat.
She wore my dress where she can show her sexy back!  Seriously she has nice, white back where no scars at all!  
Sexy right?!  Haha!  (She is still single and available, just come to find me to get her number if you are interested) =p
When you gonna wear like this if you don't wear it during your last birthday with us?! Haha!!  You never regret you wear this. 
Oh, who is the birthday girl?  Here she is:
Pretty right, she is pretty but always thinks that she is fat!  Does she look fat in pictures?  I don't think so!!!  But, I wonder why she always with that posture every time when picture was taken?  Aren't you have any other posture to post? >.<|||
We went to the restaurant outside bluewave there to have our dinner.  Look at the picture above, what you notice?  Haha, what I can say is that's Labuan life where beer is always cheaper than any juice when you want to have drink in Labuan!  =p
Oh, don't worry about the birthday girl.  She drank more than anyone of us.  =p I seriously wonder why she can drink this much as last time when she taste one taste and she straight away go to the toilet to clean her mouth already... hurmp...
Food that we ate for just now!  They were really nice and if you are on diet, you can order the Chicken Malai Kebab because they are using chicken breast and grill it not fried it... 
A girl who always be super careful when she is in front of a camera.  The way she talks, she eats, she listens and even she smile!  (I know the last picture didn't show she laugh actually... purposely on this.. =p)  Trying to put herself in the best condition in front of the camera... Hahahaha!

Somehow, she still lost control when one thing come to her!
She always can't resist tar tar sauce like I can't resist delicious food.  She can eat hell lots of tar tar sauce and keep asking the waitress to add some more for her.  I guess her favourite food will suddenly change into fish and chips cause she can eat with tar tar sauce... =p

After everybody finish their food, I go and take the cake out to sing and eat again!  
1.  "I wish FYP can be done on time, can graduate smoothly; I wish to have a boyfriend soon; ...... " 3 wishes on the birthday.
2.  time for taking out the candles from the cake!
3.  picture of silly face after take out the candle from the cake.
4.  picture with beard where the beard were drawn by me!!!  Cute!!! XD

Happy Birthday once again!!!
Hope you really enjoy the night! <3

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  1. wah need so hardsell anot??? @@

    Anyway thankkiu for such a great celebration!!! ♥