Monday, April 2, 2012

Some Thoughts III

Sometimes there are things that we can't control.  It just happened by it's way.  If bad things or things that we didn't expect happen (no matter is a good thing or bad thing), we can only accept it with a bless heart.  

I know sometime a relationship need to be blessed by people surrounding so that it will go and stay longer.  But like someone said, "why bother what others think?  Just go on if you think it is right! ".  It is true, but when nobody give compliment, the feeling is gonna become bad and I guess you will start thinking: "I'm I doing the right choice, decision? " 

Seriously sometimes we need people to support on what we think, at least few of them.  At least there are some who support although it might be not the majority, still we will feel much better when people stand at our side.  At least when problem really occur, someone is by your side to listen.  =)

Even if now there is no friend supporting you, I believe there are still somebody who support you always, family.  They will never abandon you anyhow.  Just tell them your problem, and they will face all the problem with you. =D

p/s:  nothing to sad of, at least you can see who will be there when you need help. =D

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