Thursday, April 19, 2012

Exam Time Table

Finally the day has come.  I have been waiting for the day where the timetable of our final come out.  I went to check out at the BPA for almost once a day to hope to see the final exam timetable out!  
Today madam stand infront of the lecturer hall and announced that the timetable for subjects that taken by third year students (only third year subjects) are all having exam on the first 2 weeks, means we still have a week holiday to prepare before the internship starts.

I am so happy when she announced it and she confirm that it is confirm that the first 2 weeks we will have our papers only, cause Mama said before that she wanna come if time available after my final.  I quickly contact her regarding this and she asked me to check out for the flight ticket.

Seriously, I was so happy when she said she wants to come, but when I checked through the flight ticket, my heart hurts because it is damn costly!  Mama will definitely bring sis or bro to accompany her, but the flight ticket is like more than thousands if including mine.  Oh GOD!  Why none of my parents are staff for the flight company? ='(
I told her about this, but she said she will give me the answer tonight.  I feel very sad and helpless.  Sigh...

Guess I will take dad's suggestion and do things that I think is right although I super dislike the decision that I gonna make.

p/s: bad things make me become stronger.

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