Tuesday, April 3, 2012


When you don't feel like wanna eat something, just say no I wouldn't need to prepare yours!  It is annoying when see someone eating your food with the whole face look like has been tortured.  I would rather you throw it away than looking your face like that.  
It is really annoying.

If you don't like something, can you just say it out, at least we know what you dislike.  And maybe next time when there is such dishes, we wouldn't bother to ask you to eat together.  Seriously I really got no idea what to say about you already.  It is not the first time, and I believe it will not be the last time neither.  
Now thinking of, maybe I should eat alone next time rather than seeing you eating in that way.

p/s:  I know my cooking skill sucks... but the taste should be in that way!  sour + spicy!

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