Saturday, April 28, 2012


Do you ever do this?

Type out something in the typing space, trying to type out whatever thoughts that you want to share but when you type until almost the end, you move your fingers to the BACKSPACE key and erase everything?
Oh, I always do that and I believe there are lots of people who do that too!

But I believe that different condition also will cause you do that action.  Maybe you want to scold that person and you almost finish the sentence of scolding but you suddenly feel that it is not worth to scold that person so you just erase everything and leave it black or add another short word: WHATEVER.
Maybe you were sad and you wanna express how you feel, so you finally find a person to complain.  You type everything out, how you feel, how you think.  When you are about to finish, another thought came into your mind: what if this person didn't really understand how you feel?  Again you move your fingers and erased everything.  
Or maybe you are so happy, you got a very good news to share.  You're so excited to type everything out to tell your mates but suddenly you remember that your friends were in bad mood and you don't want their mood to become worst, so you change your mind from not to tell them and at the end you send nothing or just asked something regarding their problems.

Express feeling is really not an easy job especially when you have to explain your feeling not the facts.  Nobody can understand the same feeling as you unless they also have gone through the same thing.  

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