Sunday, April 1, 2012

Some People Always Think They are So GOOD!

I seriously never meet this kind of people before.  SHE thinks that SHE is so good and being nice to everybody... But seriously I suddenly feel the fake in her.  Whenever I see her, I feel wanna vomit!
Gosh!!! Now think back, I seriously got no idea why we can be this close during the last year!  Seriously WTF!!!

Damn! Now seriously got no mood already... Later on still have to meet in the class... =(  Plus there are so many food we shared that haven't cook and now have to eat together with HER!!! NO!!!  WTF!!!
Nevermind, left 3 months!!! I gonna pretend that I don't know her after this!!!

p/s: This is definitely you!!! What the FUck!!!


  1. wah wah wah... who 得罪 u o, curse so many times....