Thursday, April 12, 2012

Yolk and White

Combination of Yolk and White become a whole egg.  Eggs are always my favorite.  I can eat nothing but eggs only for whole day but unfortunately eggs are not as healthy as what I think especially the Yolk.  Yolk contains lots of fats and cholesterol where these two can cause sickness and harm our health.

I love Yolk more than anything but too bad is taking too much Yolk will harm my health and might cause death.  All the nutrient that usually people need are in the White but however I don't really like White.  White taste sucks for me but I got no choice because I have to take White to have the nutrient that humans need. 

Sometimes I just think that this is not just about Yolk and White but this sometime this kind of thing also happens in real life.  You wanted something that you like most but there are always some circumstances that block you or avoid you from getting it or own it.  You dislike something but it comes the other way round, where although you hate that most, but you still have to own it.  Funny huh?
But nothing we can do, because this is life.

You like Yolk but you can't have it, you dislike White but you must have it.  To make your life better, go and like White and forget about Yolk, then maybe you can live happier.  Live happily or sad is always your own choice.  Instead of hating it, why not put more attention and try to love it?  Instead of live without smile, why not live with a smiling and joyful life?

p/s: Life is in our own hand.

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