Sunday, April 15, 2012


Last September I live my place and come to this small island to finish my last year here.  Looking backward to all the days and months, time really flies and I know I only left another 10 weeks (around 3 months) to stay here.  I'm happy that I gonna back home soon, but I'm sad that I left so few time to finish up what I haven't finish.

People were excited about their last moment here, spending their last memory here by creating some event to attend with friends.  They captured all the memories where maybe after few years they can look at the pictures and recall back all the sweet and crazy memories.  I do jealous on them who have the time to play around or maybe I should say their time management are very good because they can manage their time well in doing projects and in the same time they can enjoy their last few months here.  *face palm*

Talking about didn't go back home for almost a year, now I am missing my friends so much.  Tears rolling in my eyes when thinking of this.  I never know I can be this tough for not going home for like almost a year!  I should be proud of myself. =)  Though, I'm still jealous on those who can go back home.  Flight tickets are really very expensive for me.  I wish I can go back like they did but sorry my current financial status doesn't allow me to do so.

Bring out my phone, and social networking sites.  Message them and tell them how I miss them.  Now I know that I have to tell out that I miss them and tell them that I love them.  Let them now that I care about them too!  Never too late to tell on how you feel to them.

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