Saturday, April 7, 2012

Something New on Banana

I always like to prepare delicious food especially when I want to eat or craving for food. =p  So there are some people who posted these pictures in Facebook and they look delicious, so I decided to give a try of preparing them.
pirated BANANA pie?  
Homemade banana pie sounds nicer. =p
Chocolate BANANA Popiah!!!
Alright, let's make these as ''BANANA'' theme.  Cause both of the recipes need banana!

Looking at the pictures shown above, they look like easy, but when you have to do it by yourselves, they took like so many WHY in your brain, cause you can't get the result as what shown above... #ohgodwhy.jpg
is slightly different from what shown in the recipe right?  Yeah, me think that too!  But nutella + banana is really awesome!!! #pukerainbow.jpg
I know they don't look like banana pie... But I still like them because of the banana inside.  (Seriously a big fan of banana!)
I don't think this is a successful one, but I think I gonna try again at home!  Frankly, Nutella is not that tasty when you eat with bread, but when you use it to make chocolate banana popiah, it tasted like O.M.G.!!!  
You know what I mean... *wink*

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