Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Post From A Friend

I was reading a friend's blog, and I would like to share the post here...
The post is about how 2 strangers become a very good friends and turn in to totally stranger after 2 years.  

Seriously I wouldn't never surprise even if this happens to me, because I'm sucks in relationship, no matter in any relationship except for family bond.  If one day, friends around me didn't continue contact with me, I don't think I will contact them.  Seriously... If my current hometown friend never contacting me after our secondary, will we still friends?  I mean, are we still hanging out together?  I doubt that.
Its Beautiful When Two Strangers Become Best Friends, but Its Sad When Two Best Friends Become Strangers...

Maybe some of you think I'm cruel but I really am not good in managing all this kind of stuff.  

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