Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I don't feel wanna cook for the rest of days for this week.  Should have give me a break where I don't have to cook but got to eat!  Unfortunately, this will never happen unless I go to the cafe or the stalls out there to buy myself food. =(

I'm so jealous on those who can eat but don't have to cook for their meal.  Because thinking of what you gonna cook is something difficult.  Those who don't have to worry on what to cook will never understand about this.  And the worst part is you were trying hard to prepare something that is different from what you eat everyday but out of sudden there is the someone who tease on what you cook.  

Nah... don't think because of pms...  I don't think I should blame on this... I just think it maybe because after long time, it finally explode...
Go on and hate me or think I'm bad because I am.

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