Sunday, July 29, 2012

Officially A Month

As you know Wednesday is movie day because of the half price of each ticket.  Of course I will never miss this opportunity to watch movie with friends although I was very tired for movie.
2 hours and 44 minutes movie, it consider long to me and I think they talk too much in the movie. wtf.  I watch The Dark Knight few days before I watched this movie, so I still get and understand some of the actors inside.  Anyway, the movie is surprising me at the end of the story.  Worth to watch thou.

From the first day I start my internship, 25 of June, now is official a month already.  Yes, I do feel that I have already been there for three months although it is only a month.  I make new friends there and I also understand and get to all the policy inside.  Now boss asked me whether I want to stay or not since he is leaving.  Leave or not just to inform him.  However, I am scared to face all the masks inside the company but I understand that all this happens in every company, so it is the same even if I want to work in other company.
I still have 2 months left there, so now I'm thinking whether I want to stay or not.  2 months time to think. =D

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