Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Random One

Can't believe another weekly post again.  Recently I was so busy until I got nothing to write.  Funny thing is when I was so hardworking updating my blog, nobody out there updates their blog but when I got nothing to update, there are so many of them update their blog everyday.  =) And this become the motive I online everyday to read their blogs. =D

Guess most of my friends are all got their permanent job and looks like I'm the only one who is still being so unstable and lazy to find a job.  I was thinking of giving myself holiday before start to work but you know la, parents are always concern this and that for us and they started to ask me when I will find a proper job (permanent job).  Friends are also asked me all this question whether I send out resume to hunt for job.  

Dear handsome and pretties, I haven't send even one resume out yet, but I will soon.  Now I'm working as tuition teacher teaching Mathematics in a small tuition centre, but if you got brother and sister or cousin or relatives or friends who want to hire tuition teacher can find me.  Price can be discuss.  (I prefer to work as part time as tuition teacher cause I need to get pay slip by looking for a permanent job during day time.)

I love kids so much until I went to work in a kindergarden taking care of my ex-colleague's son for 5 days.  I never want to get pay for that because is only for few days but since she insisted, so I got pay at the end.  Playing around with kids were so enjoy and you can really forget all tension you have to face.  The principle of the kindergarden asked me to stay to work there but I rejected because I don't want to forget all the tension where I think I should face.  Teaching tuition is not easy either, I have to explain explain and explain for one freaking question for so many times sometimes because they don't understand the concept.  AND they are facing PMR this year!  I have to give so many extra classes and hopefully they can get an ideal result for their Maths and Science.

Yeah, seriously I'm just trying to update my recently life here so everybody knows what I'm doing lately.  Or else some of them might think I'm so busy and thought I already got my permanent job where actually I'M NOT.  wtf.  
Mommy keeps asking me to work somewhere else if I can't get a job here in Kuantan, but I want to stay in Kuantan!  I want to continue my part-time as tuition teacher!  Sigh... so now I can only send my resume to the advertisement company where my auntie and ex-colleague suggested.  (super thanks to them where they think of me when they found vacancy out there.)

Right, now I have to settle down all stuff I should have settle before I go KK.  By the way, I cut my hair!  Still thinking of what hair color should I put on to attend my convo.  And then what attire I should wear???  Hurmp...

ps: stay healthy friends. =D

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