Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I did lots of crazy things lately.

  1. Joined somthing that is crazy for me, cause I myself also don't believe myself will join this kind of thing. But honestly, I love it and I feel proud of myself for choosing this.

  2. I went KL alone. Yeap, this is really the first time I go KL alone. Hehe, actually I feel excited and a little bit of scare because alone.... Some more the bus only got 4 people included the driver... Suang~~~
  3. Then I seldom eat 3 meals in KL.
  4. Believe or not, I almost laugh for 24 hours when I was in KL. Look, is not smile but laugh... Haha...
  5. I think this is more crazy. My friend and I ternaik into the wrong bus when we was on the way back to her house. So we got no choice but just drop down to the next station and then walk along back to her house. That time I was holding bellon~~~ Holding bellon and walk all along for around 45 minutes... Really crazy... Actually I got feel to vomit when I was walking, but I know that I can still tahan, so I ma continue walk lo. Hehe, mana tau I kena marah by my friends for not telling her, cause she said she can call someone to fetch us back de.... @@
  6. Yesterday night, we went to TC and did something crazy again. We shout to the sea and I think all the people were looking at us... Lol, but I really like the feeling after shout that loud. Hehe~~

Anyway, if you are really curious to know what am I doing, you can come to find me, I will explain everything detailly to you. Hehe~~ ^^

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