Monday, February 1, 2010


Suddenly decided to go for a jog and have a nice sweating so I asked Syn Wei, Pei Jie and Yu Jun to have a jog just now outside the campus.  I also don't know why recently there are so many of them keep exercising.  Then Pei Jie and I guessed is because CNY is coming and they want too keep fit so that can wear nice nice cloth during CNY.  =.='''

Before I went down to the ground floor to meet Syn Wei and Yu Jun, I went to Pei Jie's room to wait for her.  She is still like usual, let people to wait for her.  >.<  while waiting for her, I took some pictures of mine...

L0l... I also feel zadao... hahahax
Then we went down to find Syn Wei and Yu Jun.
Didn't get to run for very long journey cause I got not enough stamina due to I have been 'centuries' didn't exercise.  
After the jog, we went to Beach Cafe to dabao out dinner back to campus to eat.  I would like to eat at there de, but cannot eat right after exercise la, will be very fat de... so I decided to dabao lo.

We waited for around an hour for the food.  
Waliao!!! really wasting my time nia.
But we still able to take pictures of the beach at there, and the view today is really nice. =)

Every nice moment are always very short.
And human being always and will only appreciate something that is gone.
That's why we need to appreciate what we have now to avoid regret in the future.

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