Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Action Is The Most Difficult Part

I’m getting old I guess, because my emotional seem to be unstable lately.  I found out that I get angry easily and even I know is because of small small thing, but I can still continue angry about it!

It is always easier to talk or say about than you take action on it. 
I’m sure that you all are familiar with all those dramas that children abandoned their parents especially towards their mother (father usually died) and when you see this scene, you will definitely piss off with those children who did that to their parents.
Guess they have this kind of action because suddenly they have to get use to the environment and habit of staying together with elderly.   

I think I am making the same mistake too (but of course not torturing la), I feel annoying with the lifestyle, and sometimes frustrated too.  I know this is really sinful and childish with my reactions and behavior, but after a week I complaint this to my mom.  I know I have hurt people feeling but I didn’t mean anything, I just want to complaint. 
That’s all.
Well, I think I have that kind of feeling because I have been half a year didn’t stay with her (grandma) and now I have been staying her for only one week and I started to complaint already.  I really got no idea how I can comfort myself if I stay with her under a roof for more than that.  But I believe that I can handle it well, because I will be used to that kind of life.

Now I’m staying with grandma since last last weekend.  Morning till night I had faced with grandma under a roof.  Brother and sister were studying in the morning and they will have nap in the evening and then at night they will have revision so at the end they have no much time communicate with her.  While mummy got to work and only can talk and see grandma at night.  I’m the only one who spends time with her more.
Alright, I know it.  I know that I’m just too stupid to complaint all this, but I’m feeling well now.  Will try to communicate with her well.

Oh ya, forget to mention about my bag!
The bag that I have been ordered since last few months is now reach my home!
That’s why I was so excited!!!
Here are the pictures~

And grandma became the model of the bag!
Cute cute grandma~

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