Monday, June 28, 2010


Went to the beach yesterday and that was the first time during this year, I went to the beach with my family!
Of course, I bought my camera there too and I never forget to take pictures as well, so dont worry~
Here they are:

Kuantan's beach views~
so if you see this interesting, you can come visit Kuantan I dont mind to become your tour guide~
Just come to find me! (as if I'm in Kuantan at that time)

Two elders are playing see-saw~ ==

Grandma & Mummy

Mummy and I
I love this picture very much cause I don't look fat in there! well, i think this should thank to grandma because she is the one who capture this picture for us! 
thanks grandma!!!

I nice weekend I had!  Dinner I was serve by Kenny Roaster!!!  That was awesome especially this salad!!!!
Thanks again! 
Love you all 

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