Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Weird Dong Dong

I was cooking.
Cooked kicap chicken.
While I was trying to bring the dishes into the bowl, the internal organ of the chicken had drop on the floor!
Dong Dong was so fast, he ran to the food on the floor and eat it!
I quickly carry him and try to rescue the food, but too bad Dong Dong swallow them already.
That was really fast!

After awhile,
I saw Dong Dong was eating grass and then vomited out the internal organ that he ate!
It was really disgusting!
The internal organ that he ate was vomited and the shape is still look like what when it was cooked!

Guess what happen next?
Dong Dong ate back what he vomited!!!
Didn't realize that my dog is that disgusting!

Cow did this...
I wonder how come Dong Dong will have cow's talent???

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