Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Never Be Whole Day Good

Want to post up a new post also become difficult this time.  I have been refreshing the page for so many times and until now I only can type on it.

Everything was good today, but at the end (at night) things do not seem perfect anymore!
This morning I was in a good mood because I'm going to prepare Father's Day present for daddy.  After I worked for whole morning, finally the result is out, tuna fruit salad is done!


So I brought the food to my dad there, is so happy to see the person you love eat something that you make~ 

Everything went so well, everybody praise about the salad! Even my sister and brother took 2 bowls of the salad!  Really seldom see my sister eats 2 bowls of fruits, and this is the first time!  (proud)

When mummy saw the dustbin, she got mad and scolded me...
She scolded me for not throw the rubbish away!  (Today is Tuesday and there is rubbish car to collect the rubbish)
Argh, then all my mood gone!!!  I try to be good to her after that, but she seems like still angry about it...

Why so good mood always so easily been spoil??

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