Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sungai Lembing Trip (24.6.2010)

I got no idea when I went this but I think this will be an unforgetable memories for me and this have to thank to Leong, Joe and of course the trouble maker YT.
I suggested Joe to be the guider to guide me to the top of the hill, then ny ask Leong since he never been there too~  then we decided to go on today at 4 o'clock in the morning!

That Mr. Goh said in Facebook so publicly but at the end he didn't turned up at the top of the hill with us... he just turned up when we wanted to have breakfast.  Really sweat la him...

It was a tough journey for me and I almost give up when we were half way, but luckily Joe and Leong keep asking me to not give up.  On the way, we stopped and rest to continue to reach the top.  While resting, we don't forget to look at the stars on top of our head! They are so beautiful!!!!

Finally we were on the top, we watch the sunrise! awsome~

the sun is coming out!!!!!

above are all the views that I took from the top of the hill~ 

After that, we went down to the village to eat our breakfast and we met YT there!
Then Leong said want to go to the museum since he never been there before...

That 3 guys bully me!!!!
They let me walk alone under the sun.... T_T
Some more in the car they keep on bully me until I 'fought' with them...
Some one please help me find the justice back!!!

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