Sunday, June 13, 2010

Header Of My Blog

Since I have change the template of my blog, and the size of the header is different from before, so i have to change my header's picture.
I spent my time to explore those photo editors to find the most suitable one to edit my pictures.

Finally the first result is out.

This is the result out from PHOTOSHOP.

Then 美图秀秀.

And lastly with PHOTOSCAPE.

Nice right? I also feel satisfy with it.
Then i asked for opinion from Pei Jie and Syn Wei, the feedback was the picture is too big already.
But that time i was too tired and lazy to change it already.
So I went for a nap.

Now I had make up a new one!

First with PHOTOSHOP

Then with 美图秀秀 again~

And lastly the result out by using PHOTOSCAPE.

Now I'm super satisfy!
*happy happy*

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