Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Unsatisfy Dinner

Do you smell any stinky smell?
If you do, ops~
Sorry, because I haven’t bath yet.
I’m just finished my dinner so it is not suitable to bath because it is not healthy to bath right after your meal.

Cooked something special today.
It has been long time I didn’t cook this for my family, and till now only my family got the chance to eat this.

But too bad, no good comment for that
None of them say the CHICKEN CHOP that I made neither taste nice nor bad
Really no idea what they are thinking

Well I think this is because there are no side dishes for them
Only chicken chop
That’s why they feel the meal is too simple and nothing special

Anyway, it is very special for me to make this as a meal, because I only will make it once a while when I got mood to do so.
So if want to eat something nice from me, make me in a good mood then you will be happy when you are eating food that I made.
Perasan Betul!!!

I’m now waiting for next week
I want more and more and more activities
Outdoor activities will be fun

Hope nothing will disappoint me

Best Of Luck~

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