Sunday, June 13, 2010


Yeah I know that I’ve been blogging lesser and lesser lately. 
You guys should know that I love to share my stuff with readers and friends, that’s why I used to blog everyday just to inform every happening in my life.

Starting to countdown for the days until I back to the island, but this doesn’t mean that I’m looking forward the day to come! 
I’m actually hoping that I don’t have to go back to the island, because I can hardly find entertainment there and I am easily gaining weight at there! 
Eat sleep eat sleep really unhealthy!!!

During this holiday until now I was just staying at home, doing nothing! 
I also feel unbelievable because I’ve been become girl in the house, staying in the house for almost the whole holiday. 
Until now I am always be home before 10pm. 
Good girl huh? 
I also can’t believe in myself that I can be like this!

Recently I am too free to think something ridiculous too.
I was thinking about this world.
The same questions have been appeared so many times!

Is this world going to end?
Will I die before the world end?
After the world end what will happen to the Earth?
Can I see my grandchildren before the world end?

So many sort of stupid questions!
Really too free to think all about that.

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