Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bored Night

Staying alone at home now,
only Dongdong's barking make me feel that I'm not alone,
he is running here and there,
looking outside and inside,
seems like he afraid that I'm going to disappear for half a year again.
He misses me I know,
because every morning when he sees me he will be very happy to see me again,
run towards me and jump here and there.
Showing his happy emotion.

I'm boring now and I'm tired too,
but I can't sleep yet because I just had my dinner.
Tonight dinner is delicious because I make it myself.
Foods that I want to eat, and foods that I seldom get to eat.

Tomorrow will go out again
Go to the seaside to have a walk,
Go to the beach where half a year I didn't go there.
Go to the beach where there were lots of memories.
Is last day of November.
Anything to be remember?
Anything to let go?

Let's welcome December.

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