Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Second Day (CNY)

It is second day, which means I'm still in CNY holiday!  But too bad, because bad thing happened!  Whole campus got no electricity!!!  Great!!!
I was cooking lunch, then suddenly the rice cooker not functioning!  Out of Electricity!!!

Since nothing to eat, I have to go out to find food to put something into my stomach.  Luckily a friend of mind got car, so at least I got transport to go out!  ^^  Thank you so much!!!
Since Chinese restaurant didn't operate so went to have Indian food!!  (Seriously it has been long time I didn't eat Indian food dy!!!)
I ate nasi beriani with mutton.  Guess what, I have double yolk in my egg!! (super happy!!!)  

After finished our lunch, (I guess that should be brunch already ^^") we went to walk around in Ujana Kewangan (UK).  Just now did I mention that whole campus got no electricity?  It is actually whole Labuan got no electricity!!!  I think whole Labuan has been out of electricity from more than 4 hours!  Really can do nothing without electric, because I can't watch drama or cook but sleep for whole day!  Luckily got transport to go out, if not I will sure bored till die.  @@

Third day of CNY, what should I do?  Today don't have special activity...  I don't feel like staying in the campus doing nothing except for drama, eat, sleep and cards...  I really feel this boring...  I miss all the CNY biscuit... =((

p/s: trying not to be so meaningless in this third day of CNY.
p/s: I prefer a happening CNY...

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