Monday, January 9, 2012

Exam Weeks!

I have 3 weeks of exam days.  I know this gonna kill me, but guess what?  After 2 papers, I'm still alive!  Seriously Final is much more easier than doing FYP.  =(

Somehow, I still dislike Final as it gives me lots of stress.  (I got fat due to eat non-stop when I have stress!)  Anyway, I still feel glad of having this final timetable that I can manage my time better although I am pretty sure that I can't finish my next 2 subjects in 1 day.  =(

Procrastinate shouldn't use in assignments only but also in finals, midterm and quizes!!!  Study is something very boring to me especially when I have to study subject that is superb boring to me and I got no interested on it.  Still, I have to accept the fact that I have to finish study and be well-prepared to be in the exam hall.  =(
You know what?
It is difficult to control your heart and mindset of study for the final.  My mind never listen to me, I mean I can't control myself from study properly like a smart person.  I know the way of studying of mine is sucks but that's the only way for me to answer in the exam hall!  I'm not a study smart person, but I believe I'm a study hard person which this is the most unwisely way... =(

4 more subjects to go and I know some of them left 3 subjects!  I'm jealous but no choice because I didn't choose the subject that I used to choose.  
Right, is time to sleep peeps~!

For my friends in the campus, sleep early and get up early!  That will be much better than sleep late and wake up late. =)

Another thing, wish me good luck in all the papers. =)  
Good luck for those who facing final now too! =))

p/s: cheers xoxo

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