Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Take A Break!

Since it is a 'long' break from last week paper until this week!  So the mood to study is totally gone and my mind is full with manicure!  I started my first manicure when I was in primary school.  Turning my head back and look at myself...

My youngest auntie always bring lots of nail polish back to grandma's house when we went back grandma's house especially during CNY.  It has been a trend for us to ask her to do manicure for us during CNY.  We (children) always line-up to wait for our turn to make our nails look colorful.  
I don't know since when I start to over take my auntie's position and I'm the one who help my little cousins to color their nails.  It was really fun to do manicure especially when you do it on others!  =)  (it is because I still find difficult to make it on my own hands especially the right hand! )

Other than manicure, I remember on the first day of CNY, we will wake up at around 10am or bath at that time to clean up ourselves and then put on our new clothes.  After that, we will go into auntie's room to wait for our turn to put colors on our face!  (make up)  Yeap, I started to make up since I was young and I find that's really enjoying!  
Until now, even though I already not a small kid, I still put on make up on the first day of CNY.  I will now bring some basic make up stuff back and 'color' on my little cousin's face!  =)

Argh, I know I miss home now. =(

Yesterday I didn't manicure again.  A trial and error manicure.  I don't have all the material that they use for manicure, I only have nail polish...  Gonna get myself a full set of manicure set! =)
Few different patterns and ways of making gradient.  I didn't learn by my own creativity but I learned from seniors and youtube!  Seriously, if I never meet both of them, I will never do all this pattern on my fingers.  Maybe the only pattern on my fingers will be plain color without them. 

I don't know why, as I grow older the more I'm in love with this kind of things!  Manicure, hair style, make up...  All the things that I used to tell my auntie when I was a teenage that I would not do all this when I grow up!  And now???!!!  I'm so obsessed in all this!!! 

p/s:  miss home badly, but I can't do anything but call home everyday!
p/s:  miss my dog too!  feeling like wanna 3G back to see them...

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