Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shopping Spree!

We had already promised to ourselves that we must have a day break before the last 2 papers, so we decided to go out today to buy some new year clothes and enjoy a one day shopping. =) 
(I know we are not going back home for celebration, but is still CNY, so I still wanna celebrate! and I know Labuan got nothing to buy, however we still manage to get something for ourselves. =p)

Hey, I found a shop for girls!  I love that shop and the stuff there are nice!  Especially their shoes!!!  +.+  
I never know I can find such shop in Labuan!
Alright this is the heels I tried, and I love them very much!  I wanted to get one for myself but too bad I had already got myself one online, so I can't get another one because I don't want to spend so much!
Okay!  I know you can't see anything from this angle, but the heels are really very nice!!  However, my friend bought herself one with black color. =)  This color better, but my friend suit in black color only, so she bought that with RM80, not expensive at all!  =))

Fine with that heels, so we continue our shopping~!
At the end of the day, we bought these!  (look at the picture below~)
Junk food! (things that I never miss when I go out!)
Nail polish and also a pillow.  I never have a proper pillow since first semester, but since sales are everywhere plus my friends they want to buy a new pillow!  The pillow is only RM13.90 each!  So I bought one for myself!  =)  
This pillow is just way too awesome!  Before you open it, you see the pillow is so so thin, but after you open it, it become bigger and thicker!  So cool!!!
Cool huh? ^^
Now I have 3 pillows with me!  Yay~!
At night, I did manicure!  Fuh, really distressing. =)
How is it?  Nice????
Hahaha, I love them! =))

Right, tomorrow I still need to attend an activity, need to sleep early.  Good night people~!

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