Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Smile On My Face Today Isn't A Smile

I had my third paper today.  I have been studied for this subject since the day after I had my second paper, Security.  I knew I will not gonna have enough time to finish my papers, I mean the 2 papers for this week,  MIS and Web Programming.  That's why I studied since the day I ended my second paper!

Here came the day for me to write out everything that I had studied, vomit out everything that I had absorb.  Guess what happen?  I was totally blank when I was in the exam hall!  I didn't remember single words of what I had already memorized!  =(
Seriously, that wasn't please me.

A friend of mine can wrote lots of thing on the paper although he said he didn't study a thing!  What happen to me as I studied but I can't write a word?  (I passed by his seat and saw whole page full of words when I went out.)  


Honestly, I don't feel happy at all.  I mean who will feel happy after done so badly in the final?!  I smiled after the final, but I am not happy at all.  I know I got no time to be sad, but to focus on my next paper which is the toughest paper in this semester.  I don't know how I gonna pass this.  I need guidance, seriously.  =(

p/s: the smile on my face is a mask. =)
p/s: next paper Web Programming.

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