Tuesday, January 17, 2012


That day when we went out purposely for shopping, we wanted to exchange our medical coupon that time!  But who knows we were so unlucky that the clinic that we used to go already out of form that we need to fill in before claim vitamins.  So we went to another clinic which we can claim our medicine/vitamins.  We were so so unlucky that the clinic didn't open on Saturday!!! WTH!!!

Today we went out again purposely to claim our medicine/vitamins.  We went to the polyclinic as the clinic got no more form.  Guess what?  We have 2 coupons in each semester, so we usually go and exchange 2 coupons together to get vitamins we want.  Today the clinic told us that we can't use 2 coupons but only 1 coupon!    And the worst thing is they have to charge RM10 as consultation fee where each coupon worth RM35 and then they have to charge RM10 so that means that we only can claim for RM25 medicine!!!  wtf!!!
We spent like half an hour there to think what to claim.  It is so difficult to get things when you have limit money on your hand!  

Finally, thanks to the 'nurse' (is actually receptionist) at the reception, she helps us to find stuff that fit to RM25 and I finally got these.
I don't eat vitamins so I decided to get these, soap and aloe vera cream.  The soup cost RM10 and the aloevera cream cost RM15 so together is RM25.
This is the mouse that I bought!  I always wanted to buy Sensonic mouse and I finally get myself one.  Yet I prefer the plain white color one but too bad don't have. =(  But still I like this one. =)
My ex-mouse was bought from hometown during PC fair which is also white color, but I still prefer the current one.  I fell my ex-mouse twice accidentally that's why now it can't work properly, sometime the laptop can detect the USB of the mouse but sometime not.
There are many different pattern to choose actually but the shop don't have stock for all these.
I prefer the Paws and the Paint!  =)

p/s: hopefully I can use this mouse until end of next semester! =)
p/s: I wanted to eat KFC or any fast food but I have to save money for the buffet... hahaha

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