Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year

It is Chinese New Year again!  ^ ^
It always the festival I wanted to celebrate every year because there will be lots of delicious food and all relatives will gather in grandma's house!  I just love the environment of happiness during Chinese New Year. 
This year wasn't a very lucky year for me.  I can't go back home for celebration this year but celebrate in the campus.
This year I DO NOT have
many snacks to eat
many drinks to drink
many new clothes to wear
So many things that I will miss!

However, I still thankful that I have nice reunion dinner with friends.
Delicious food but it wasn't as delicious as what I expected... I love the Yee Sang and the desserts most!  
9 of us ate 10 people foods!  and YuJin kept asking people is they full so that he can eat more! Haha
Happy Chinese New Year!!!!  Especially to my family and beloved friends. =)
Okay, this was my lunch! I made kon lou mee for them and myself!  First time but I think it is delicious!!!  Hehe  ^^"

Grandpa is right, Chinese New Year is a celebration and a festival that people take this opportunity to gather together.  It is only a normal reunion festival.  It is nothing to celebrate CNY anywhere, as long as the heart is always at home.
I everyday make at least 2 calls back home!  I really miss home very much, but I know some of them think that I don't like to go home and take this opportunity to stay here with friends.  I don't mind what they think. I just mind what my family think about me.  =)

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!  ^0^

p/s:  gonna have steambot tonight!
p/s: I love CNY!!!
p/s: grandpa, don't always say there is no more reunion, because you still have us.

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