Monday, January 2, 2012

Study Method

A friend asked me how I study for my final.  

Seriously, this question bother me much as I don't have a smart way of study.  Everybody does have their own study method.  Some friends who clever and smart enough, they don't have to study but they just need to listen to others explanation towards the content then they are ready for final.  I really feel jealous on their intelligent.  I jealous why they don't have to pay so much attention to study and they can score high marks!

Okok, back the first sentence up there.  How I study for my final.  I have to read everything in the books according the tips lecturers have given, then jot down the important parts, for example parts that I need to memorize.  And then I have to memorize word by word although I already understand what is it all about.  I wanted to memorize on the keywords instead of memorizing word by word, I tried, I really did.  But I can't really answer them at all during the final...
That's not my method.  I dislike memorizing but I have to for the sake of final. =(

I always wanted to get good result in University, but I never get good result.  Maybe the quote "no pain, no gain" is so damn true on me.  I have to sacrifice my time on the Internet, sacrifice to study and memorize or I will gain nothing.  

Right, final is here.  After 2 days, it will be my first paper and it is one of the subjects that I hated most, programming language.  I got no talent or give in this subject, all I can do is memorize, memorize and memorize.   What I wish now is I want to have super super celebration after the final.  

p/s:  I dislike examination! 

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