Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Study Week

It was study week last week and luckily Christmas and New Year eve fall during Study Week!
Maybe some of them think is 'disaster' as study week is for study and all the celebration days were in study week.
I don't think so, I feel lucky as I don't have to wake up early for class the next day during study week, so for me this study week is not just full of books, notes, slides but also celebration, greetings and wishes!

Tomorrow will be my first paper and I don't know why this semester I feel I'm so unprepared. =(
I got no mood to study at all, the motivation just gone! =((
I wonder whether I manage to graduate with nice grade. =(((

Alright, got to back to study awhile then sleep!

Guys, seriously need luck here! wish me luck!!! =))

p/s:  I wanted to update other thing, but I will update that next time. =)

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