Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I have been using my current pouch for more than 2 years and the 3rd year is coming!  I always think my pouch give lots of convenient to me.  I'm a super lazy person that usually will leave my purse (the real purse is the purse that people put their money, cards inside).  I know a pouch is very important to me as I will throw everything into the pouch.  (Everything as in money, receipts, syillings, and also phone!) 

Since I'm emo today, so I decided to find a way of cheering myself.  I found this!
Aren't they gorgeous?
I really like this very much!!! =)
I wanted to take the peach color.  The color is the nicest among all, but too bad the color is out of stock and it has been no stock all along because of the gorgeous color, so I decided to take the brown color.
I like the design of the pouch, seriously they are so so nice! =)

p/s: I'm happy now. =)
p/s: Shopping really are girls antidote of sadness.

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