Saturday, July 7, 2012

Movie Fiesta

After I start to work, here come movie fiesta.  I haven't get my first salary but I start to spend lots of money already.  It is so true that money can buy happiness.  wtf.
I mentioned before that the first movie was with mommy and sis (ghost movie), the second movie was with my sis only (Painted Skin) and I have watched another 3 movies after that.  Conclusion, I have already watched 5 movies in this 3 weeks. wtf.

I watched Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Madagascar 3 and The Amazing Spider-man.  
I wanted to watch Abraham Lincoln with my bro, but at the end I FFK him and he keep nagging me about this.  (so sorry)  By the way, I don't think that movie is very nice as most of the feedback, maybe is because I watched in the old cinema which is not very comfortable (I got backache).  Anyway, the story is predicable where I can really predict the whole story.  Maybe you should try to read the book, I heard they say the book is nice.

And then Madagascar III the next day.  It was so rush that day suddenly decided to go watch that movie.  Actually when we went to watch Abraham Lincoln, we planned to watch Madagascar III but since Abraham Lincoln also almost the same time, so we watched Abraham Lincoln first and the next day Madagascar III.  Poor Leong has to eat 2 hot-dogs as dinner.  Lol!
This movie is super funny!  When the movie started I start laughing from the beginning until the end.  Just the part when they found out Alex lied to the circle, I feel that part touch.  No wonder bro recommend me this movie!  Anyway I watched this movie in the old cinema also, but I didn't feel backache at all.  (I think it is because of the quality of the movie =p)

Surprisingly, both of the movie above is like Sagittarius' outing!  Joe, Leong, Hui Yuan and me are all same horoscope!  Lol!!! 

Yesterday Leong suddenly called and ask me out for movie.  I didn't want to go because The Amazing Spider-man just released and I know the ticket sure expensive, so I rejected but he said the ticket is free!  wtf.  I die die also want to space out my time for that. >.<  Then Leong said got one more extra ticket so I asked my bro to go.  (sis doesn't want to follow)  I think if Joe is here, then there wouldn't be extra ticket already.
I like to watch action movies than ghost movies, so this movie is perfect to me.  Although the story is almost the same, but I think this one is much better.  First of all is because the spider-man in there is so handsome!!! and Jack (secret circle, but his name in this movie is flash if not mistaken) is in there too!!! wtf!!!  Let me show you the difference.
Handsome Packer 
and BLue Eye Packer.
Anyway, I think The Amazing Spider-Man is amazing!  So lucky I get to watch in cinema free!!!  Thanks Leong!  Oh by the way, Leong said it's not really nice and Debbie said it is not really nice too!!!  Hui Yuan and I understand what it is going on. =p  They start to have same point of view already! XD  (You know I'm not joking. =p)

ps: Kuantan is so crowded now...

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