Sunday, July 1, 2012

It Was Saturday!

I never want to work extra or not extra on my weekends so that I can play around and do anything that I like.  I have to work on Saturday at the place where I'm working now.  The problem is permanent staffs are allowed to work alternately on Saturday but trainee has to work every Saturday!  (I don't think is fair, so I make myself so punctual and go back home sharp at 1730h.) *evil laugh*

Supposedly I planed with my bro and sis that we gonna watch Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter but when we reached cinema to buy ticket, just realized that the movie is only for above 18 where my sis is still underage. wtf.
So, no choice we can only watch Painted Skin with sis.  (Bro got things to do)  9pm movie.
(Mommy wasn't delight because we went to watch night movie.)
Since it is Saturday, I decided to make bubur cha cha as desserts today. 
I think I put too much of purple sweet potato dy, that's why the whole bowl looks so purplish.  Haha!  Anyway, daddy said not enough sweet but I think it is sweet enough already.  Guess enough of Saturday outing and I should spend most of my time at home with my family!

Btw, I gonna give up samsung s3 for now because I'm waiting for iphone 5 to release then will only aim back samsung s3.  Definitely after this samsung s3 will be cheaper than the price now.  Hopefully I can buy with less than RM1800. =D

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