Saturday, July 7, 2012

Some Annoying People

When will you feel annoyed?  I find someone is super annoying.  He thought that he is right about everything but he never himself in my shoes.  Maybe like what people said, I only can be with him for short time, not long time, because now I can see the longer we be together the more issues will pop-up.

There are also some annoying people where I told them who I am but they never want to listen and keep denying that I'm that kind of person.  I know who am I and I'm so sure what I am.  I have be myself for almost 23 years and you only know me for less than 5 years, so don't judge me.  I told you in the very first place but you didn't want to accept it but keep saying that I trying to hurt you and now you are complaining about me.  What is the point?

Sometimes I really feel that I'm so lucky that I didn't online so often, make myself grounded at home (unless some Sagi as me to go out).  The feeling is so nice.  Some people are just a stop in your life.  That stop can be only a stop that you might not want to turn around and have a look at there because you don't think there are memories that you want to recall back especially when you think it's hurt.

When things happen once, an ordinary person will start to be careful on everything so that he/she will not fall into that mistake again.  That's why when something bad happen once, even by other person, you will still afraid that it will happen again to you.  

Anyway, to make myself happy, I gonna stay far far away from all this annoying people. =D

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