Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Since I went to Labuan, badminton has become so far away from me.  So it means that it has been awhile (quite long also la) I didn't play badminton already.  Yesterday one of my colleague asked me to join them.  Since it is free and also I want to play so much because so so so long didn't get to play already.

I felt so awkward when I reached there in the court, but since I was there, of course I must make myself play at least around and sweat before I go home.  Luckily I was early and there weren't many of them arrived yet, so I still managed to play for 30 minutes.  I think is my poor skills because I can hardly play with them!  After that 30 minutes, then most of them had their partner and play in group already.  I was sitting there with other colleagues, waiting for my chance to get into.  

Seriously, sometimes we really have to take initiative if we want to have something.  It is not always that we have the chance that allow us to take initiation.  I didn't regret that I didn't make my first step to approach them because I managed to see how they play.  Lol!  Now I know who is expertise in this sport and who is just playing around.  Haha!

Anyway, I don't I will join them again because I got sick due to bath and wash hair after 10pm.  Now I am having sore throat some more. wtf.

Anyhow, anyone wanna join me for badminton? =p

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