Sunday, July 15, 2012

I Become One Step Older =)

I never know this will happen to me.  I have this experience but that was when people confess to me.  I never know that there will be my chance to confess to someone else!  I also never know that I will have this feeling.  They said this is love at the first sight and I think it is. =D
So I confessed to this person and it didn't go well but good thing is we are still friends.  However, that make me so lucky that he didn't accept me because I know it would be weird as we are not close to each other yet! (I don't even know his full name. wtf)  And I am proud of myself for being so brave to bring this step out. =D

I know this is going to make so many people who are reading this feel surprise that I will make this move.  Well, I also feel surprise and I don't know where I got that courage and tell him about this.  So say: Fuck Yeah!
After this I have become one step older because I know that confess to someone is not a stupid thing because it is just about telling a person how you feel towards him or her.  It is not big deal when somebody rejected you, so I don't understand why there are some people will feel sad or depressed when being rejected.

Anyway, I feel if you have something on that person, go ahead and tell him or her about how you feel.  The feeling is not just about you fall into him/her but also feeling that you think he or she is nice.

ps: I know this action is kinda selfish but it is not wrong to tell a person how you feel.  Just don't push that person too much or you will lose him/her.