Monday, July 2, 2012

Sushi King Bonanza

Finally Sushi King Bonanza is coming again and I'm so lucky this time because unlike previous season, I got the chance to join this bonanza! (Finally!!!)
Kinda rush today actually cause I have to leave office earlier and then go pick up mommy and then rush to the mall but all worth it!
Took some pictures while waiting mommy to come out from her office.  I really not a good employee because I rather leave the office early just to go makan. wtf. (no wonder I so fat la! everything is about food only)  Anyway, I did ask for permission la, my supervisor said I can come anytime and leave anytime from work.  He is really nice lo!  But I know he is very strict in work, so I better do nice nice in work and play play during entertainment with him. =D
We went to the mall with 2 cars.  One bro drives and go with sis and the other one, I drive out from parking lot to pick up mommy from her office.  It is so convenient to have 2 cars! =D  I'm glad that I know how to drive by the way. =D
Although all plate sushi that is from the belt is only RM2, but when you eat non-stop, you still will spend a lot.  We eat non-stop until we are all super full, but when we start to count how much we have eaten, we were so surprise because total up is more than RM70! 

Seriously, this bonanza is really a good business strategy, and they early super lots because this bonanza will make you eat more than what you budgeted or planned.  Ahahahaha!