Saturday, July 21, 2012

Chubby Me

Heading to grandma's house.  It has been almost three months before the last time I went back to grandma's house.
Enjoying the view when I was sitting at the back.  Seriously it has been long time I got to sit at the back because I always am either driver or sit beside driver.  However, it is not comfortable sitting at the back because I prefer the view from the front side.  >.<

I am trying hard to reduce my weight but too bad it is hard for me because I love food so much.  I am not allowed to eat more but I can't resist to have such delicious food.  Like mommy said, food lovers always have the problem of losing weight because it is a super difficult job to lose weight if they don't control what they eat.
Seriously FML.

By the way, I wonder.  Is it shameful or pathetic when a person got no boyfriend before when he or she is already 20+ years old?  I really don't understand why there are people who think that this is pathetic thou.

ps: sometime we don't want to accept a person is because we don't want to hurt that person.  

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